US Bank Rewards Site Redesign


usbank plaza.jpg
  • US Bank had been an Epsilon client for 5 years. Their current site was the same as the one that launched - a static site tied to a points bank database

  • The website was neither ADA compliant nor responsive and they wanted accessible mobile-first design. In order to update the out-dated site, I engaged in discovery and in-person work sessions to consolidate the site map and improve the user flows.

  • The project not only incorporated a redesign of all major pages within the site, it also included multiple sets of pages and flows for specialty products with their own branding and functionality.

  • I was tasked with designing an upgraded site in phase 1 with an eye toward it eventually being migrated to a new platform in phase 2. Our deliverables needed to include designs for future features and functionality to take advantage of increased catalog complexity and platform personalization capabilities.


The designs

First problem - we were designing for 10 different lines of business, which meant 10 different sets of personas and 10 different sets of business goals. Also, different lines of business had different contracted priorities and costs of redemption which changed requirements for US Bank.

I wanted to make common redemptions easy for users, while still allowing business requirements their place. Site hierarchy and navigation quickly became difficult to plan. By moving non-redemption activities out of the main navigation I was able to create a navigation system that could be customized for each line of business while keeping everything non-redemption consistent. I was also able to talk the client into a maximum of 7 main navigation items with a hierarchy that went no more than 4 layers deep.

A pain point we encountered in discovery was that US Bank had limited staff devoted to creating content for the rewards site. Particularly during peak periods they often found themselves overwhelmed. I made the designs modular to lower the effort for US Bank to maintain the site. Now content for different lines of business and products could be easily re-used from page to page.

As shown in the page map, redemption types were placed in ranked order moving down the page.


Stories from the Home Page

User testing revealed we’d made a mistake here. Copy and imagery didn’t give context to users that the CTA let to merchandise only redemption - a high priority for US Bank. We were able to correct this before beginning FED.


Also interesting here is the carousel - something most in the UX world aren’t fond of. However we found the swipe capabilities of mobile, combined with the similarity of the items being evaluated made a carousel a a great choice here. It was also an easy way for US Bank to update content since the images of the gift cards already contained enough visual design work to let users know exactly what they were looking it.


Also, I wanted to plan for future compatibility where personalization would be key. However, the existing site platform had very limited capabilities. The only personalized data we currently had to work with was a monthly earnings statement. I worked with what we had by revealing to users items that they could order today, or were close to redeeming.


Stories from the Whiteboard

Not only were Epsilon and US Bank part of the design process, but US Bank’s contractor joined in as well. This is the result of a joint whiteboarding session where we hammered out how many layers of navigation to employ in the product catalog.


This is the result of a long planning session where we worked out the details of user testing our designs. We landed on a combination of, US Bank’s in-house testing lab, and Epsilon’s analysis and updating.

A Homepage - Mobile v2.png